Wednesday, July 24, 2024

1) Violation of Arbitrage Restrictions in Options Pricing: A Meta-Analysis

2) Direct and Indirect Effect of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance: A Meta-Anlaysis

3) The Factors Affecting the Power of Bankruptcy Prediction Variables and Models: A Meta-Anlaysis

4) The Effect of Inflation Rate on Stock Return of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

5) The Effect of Earnings Management on Stock Liquidity

6) The Effect of Financialization on Real Investment

7) The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Difference vetween Economic Value Added and Stockholders Value Added.

8) The Effects of Terrorism on Capital Markets

9) Portfolio Performance Criteria and Neural Networks

10) The Effect of Macro Economic Variables on Development of Capital Market

11) The Model of e-Trading Acceptance by Individual Investors

12) The Effect of the Financial Risk Factors on the Financial Performance

13) The Relation Between the Technical Analysis Signals and the Stock Return

14) The Effect of Financial Constraints on the Investment Decisions

15) The Effect of Working Capital on the ROE

16) The Relation Between Securities Invesment and Non Security Investments

17) The Model of Tele-Working Acceptance

18) The Difference between Profitability of Technical and Fundamental Analysis